Why You Should Have A Portable Air Conditioning Unit

Anyone who lives in a home knows the heat and humidity summer can bring making your home and family miserable. What do you want most when you are in this situation? Yep, air conditioning. Depending on the method used to cool your house, a window air conditioner or central air conditioning unit, it is in your best interest to do some basic maintenance to the unit before you “need” it for the first time. An air conditioning maintenance specialist can be called in for a basic service call fee and tune your machine up to maximize efficiency for energy savings and max cooling benefits.

No matter what variety of air conditioning unit you have installed if it has not been replaced in the last five years you might consider replacing the unit with a more energy efficient unit. With the new upgrades in technology that have recently become more accessible and affordable it is financially beneficial to upgrade. This reins true also with home heating units along with residential cooling units. Think about the energy and financial resources you could save during the peak heating and cooling seasons with more efficient units.

It is true that an air conditioning unit will do a lot of work during the peak of summer. To ensure that the results in cooling your home are maximized you really want to do everything you can to keep the cold air in and the hot air out. Many things can help with this. Think about the use of fans to help circulate the cool air throughout the home. Another great tip in keeping cool air in and hot air out is to search out any areas of the home that are “leaking” air and work to seal them. Areas that are of most concern are floor registers, windows, door walls and the gaps between your doors.

Having an air conditioning unit free of dust and dirt will also help the unit run properly. The dust and dirt block the air flow through the unit. This will make the unit have to work harder to maintain a cool environment in your home. In order to clean the unit completely you must look at a home unit differently than a central air conditioning system.

A small window unit may easily be freed of dirt and dust billed up. You will take out the filter in the front of the machine and clean it using a mild detergent and warm water. Ensure this piece has completely dried before reinstalling it. The next step is to use the vacuum attachments to get inside the unit and completely free it of dust and cobwebs that have built up over time.

A central air unit is a bit trickier. You will want to use extreme caution or better yet call in a professional air conditioner maintenance expert. The units cooling fins are easily bent and damaged which will restrict air flow. Use a gentle rinsing hose to blow out debris from inside of the cooling unit. This will free the machine of dirt and dust while preventing damage to the cooling fins. Also, filters inside the unit in the home should be frequently changed. Detailed cleaning is different for each machine. It is best to read the manual before attempting this on your own.

Repairing Greenhouse A/C Unit problems

Plantain lilies, also called Hostas, are a shade-tolerant flowering plant which does well both indoors and outdoors. To keep your hostas strong and healthy, keep them away from direct sunlight. They should be grown in areas that remain cool for most part of the day. The requirement of a controlled growth environment makes some growers to grow hostas in greenhouses. A suitable location of the greenhouse should be chosen. Basically, it should be away from trees and buildings. Moreover, the greenhouse should be designed or fitted with reliable heating, cooling and ventilation. Heating conditions inside the greenhouse are usually controlled using a greenhouse A/C unit.

A/c problems are not uncommon in greenhouses just like in living houses. In greenhouses, A/C unit problems include:

1.Air not cold enough

The A/C could be blowing moderately cool air even when fans are on high and the A/C is set to max cool. When this problem arises, you should turn on conditioning and check whether cooling fans on the radiator or condenser are running. Since there are materials such as leaves, dirt and small organisms, air could be distracted by such materials. Also, ensure that the cabin air filter has not been clogged.

2. Dirty filter and registers

When the filter is clogged, it restricts the flow of air through the A/C unit thus reducing its efficiency. The A/C therefore fails to cool air effectively. If the filter of your greenhouse air conditioner has not been cleaned lately, have it cleaned. Registers can be dirty or blocked too. They should be vacuumed regularly to remove any particles that might have built up. No object should block the airflow through the registers.

3. Leaks

Leaks are among the most common problems of greenhouse air conditioning. A UV A/C leak detection kit can be used to discover them. You can also check all fittings to verify that there is no leak. Though a grower would want to solve every A/C problem as soon as it occurs so that his/her hostas grow well, hiring a greenhouse A/C expert save time and assures the grower the professional will provide a lasting solution for the leak problem.

4. Plants have crowded the compressor

As plants grow in the greenhouse, the may sometimes crowd the compressor. The A/C unit needs adequate flow of air which can hinder the entire system from working properly. Typically, there should be a two to three feet space between the unit and growing plants.

Today’s heating and cooling systems are sophisticated. Whenever your greenhouse A/C has a problem, hiring reputable A/C service to take care of any problems before they get worse is always advisable. Apart from solving the current problem, the professional checks other aspects of the greenhouse A/C and makes sure that everything is okay. The company should be licensed and insured to ensure that you don’t bear the responsibility of any loss or damage that may occur during the Orlando AC repair. You should also look for professionals who have sufficient experience in the industry. The company should also provide timely service. Waiting for repairs to the greenhouse A/C unit can be full of anxiety. Lastly, hire a company that has competitive service fees and a guarantee of quality.